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Winter is around the corner and we all know what weather and a car that should have been taken care of in summer and spring but just didn’t get around to it. We have all been guilty of that one time or another so now it’s time to get into your professional auto repair shop and get that bumper to bumper inspection. You may be surprised at how much your vehicle does not need, but it is a safe and well spent time to take care of what you does need to be done now before the first real colds and snows have come upon us all.

The Bumper-to-Bumper Inspection is hands on and takes approximately an hour to perform. This is a very thorough inspection and delves into the more complex systems of the car. An inspection of this sort every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and your driving habits, keeps your car reliable.

Perhaps you're going on a trip - or your kid is going to college. With this inspection, you'll know what needs fixing and get it taken care of so you have peace of mind regarding the vehicle. Maybe you've been hearing a little sound that's not been there before and you want to know what it is. Or, perhaps the manual says it's time to replace your brakes, but you do not drive that much. With this inspection, we may find that your brakes are about to go - or that you have some miles left on them! Or, perhaps you're hearing a clicking but don't know what it is - and we find out it's your CV joint. Because we've checked it, we know what to do before a more expensive problem occurs. Or, perhaps you're about to purchase a used vehicle and need to know the status of it. Whatever your reasons or concerns are, a Bumper to Bumper Inspection gives you those answers. This is a wonderful service for people.

A complete inspection is important to the health of your car and your finances. When you have your car checked, you will be alerted to any potential problems that may arise in the near future. If you have the problem remedied in time, you could save a lot of money on expensive car repairs down the line. For instance, if your car has been overheating, it could mean that you have low oil pressure, which is very damaging to your car. An inspection prior would have revealed the low oil pressure problem, and the large repair bill would have been avoided. An inspection will also reveal if you have the proper tire pressure and fluid levels. Transmissions, the costly-to-repair component of the car, would greatly benefit from an inspection. Regular inspections would help you monitor the health of the transmission, battery, alternator, steering and suspension systems. You will be able to determine when it is time to replace the part and make any minor repairs. Regular car maintenance and some alterations to your driving habits, such as driving at reduced speeds, can increase the fuel efficiency.

An example of what is involved with a bumper to bumper inspection:

Starter Operation, Interior Lighting/Warning Lights, Wipers & Washer System, Heater and A/C Operation, Engine Performance Test Drive, Transmission/Clutch Test Drive, Wheel Balance Test Drive

Alignment Test Drive, Brakes Test Drive, and Visual Inspection, Tires, Shock Absorber/Suspension, Steering Linkage, Exhaust system, Driveshaft & Joints Test Drive & Visual, Radiator (Visible Leaks)

Under Hood Fluid Levels (PS/ATF Coolant/Washer & Brake), Drive Belts, Battery, Charging System Voltage Test, Engine Mounts, Turn Signals/Flashers, Headlights/Fog Lights








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